Sunday, December 10, 2006

Almost done the term update

One paper is 99.9% done (just have to fix the endnotes and do a serious edit), the other is about 80% done, and they're both due at 5:00 pm tomorrow. A good sleep tonight & a hard day's work tomorrow, and I'm done!! Woo hoo!

Watch tomorrow be the day from hell...knock wood it's not!


Purple Mangos said...

I'm the sort of person who writes papers until they're done. I can't go back and edit them after. All the editing happens in my head before I do the writing, I guess. I've always wondered how other people do it, though.

Melissa said...

The paper that needs to be edited is one that started out as a shorter paper and got added to until it was much longer, so I'm not sure how cohesive it feels, being born out of bits and pieces. Hence, a serious edit for coherence (but never for length. I can't cut papers). And I always have to edit for flow & elegance of writing, both because I'm a perfectionist, and also because that's the only way you get an A in English!