Monday, December 04, 2006

Damn you, Thelwall

The Fairy of the Lake introduction is driving me crazy.

How am I supposed to keep this all straight? Saxon=British=Vortigern (bad)=Alfred (g00d) & Thelwall likes the Saxons because they've got a form of early proto-democracy, but also doesn't because they end up being the British who try him for treason; on the other side, Briton=Welsh=French=Arthur(good but very silly) & Thelwall likes them because he's a Jacobin, and because he's part Welsh, but also doesn't because he makes Arthur silly. How am I supposed to write a damn introduction for this play when I can't figure out what the heck is going on? Eighteenth-century antiquarianism & politics just aren't my bag, baby.

That said, I have one more paragraph of the introduction to finish tomorrow before I can take it to my prof and get her to explain to me what exactly is going on and if I've even remotely got it right so that I can fix it and hand it in on Friday. I'd say the hell with it, but it is worth 30% of my grade. Ugh.

Anyway, once that is done (hopefully not more than a couple of hours more work), I've only got a paper and a half to write. Woo hoo! The end is near. :) On to finishing up my theory of motherhood in Casa Guidi Windows and the reciprocal influence of Anne Wilkinson & Northrop Frye on each others concerns with myth pre-1955. Doesn't my program sound cool and obscure? (lol)

On a random side note, we had the most gorgeous snow storm today. The trees look like lace, the city is blanketed in lovely white, and even better--it was a snow lightning-storm. How cool is that?