Saturday, February 03, 2007

Great things about random holidays

Yesterday was Monroe Day at Dalhousie, which is a random holiday named after some guy who gave the school $6,000,000 back in the day when it was in danger of being shut down for lack of funds. In appreciation, the school shuts down every February 2nd, and we all get to laugh at everyone else in Halifax who still has to go about their business. It's great! So, here are the fun things the hubby and I did with our time on Monroe Day:

  • stayed in our pyjamas until noon
  • went shopping for glasses for me- totally my favourite thing to shop for. We hit up four different stores, and I think that I'm going to be able to pull off getting two pairs. Sweet!
  • Browsed around Loomis. Art stores are so fun! They always make me wish that I were more talented than I am so that I could take advantage of all of the amazing stuff that they have. But I did come away with some new findings to make jewellery, and a really cool fountain pen.
  • Popped into a pawn shop and got a lesson in how that all works (the hubby was curious). And did you know that after Freemason's ring, the St. Francis Xavier X-Ring is the most recognizable ring in the world?
  • Picked up a book that I ordered on Ebay. I got a $60.00 text book for $1.44 plus shipping. How can you go wrong?
  • Made awesome Mexican food for dinner.
  • Read a book that was not for school. What a treat!
I love days off. I feel completely entitled to do nothing that is school or work related. Hence, no reading of articles, no marking of papers. I'll get to it tomorrow. Yea for random vacations!