Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Big news!

The hubby has an articling job! For all of you who know both of us, you'll have known about how long and stressful the search has been, mostly for him, but for me too. He flew to Toronto for the week last Sunday and interviewed all week, and it turned out rather well. I'm very proud of him. WHERE exactly he'll be working is up in the air, as one firm that he interviewed with told him that they'd make an early decision about whether to hire him if he got another offer (which he did) as they haven't actually started their recruitment process yet. But whether or not they decide to hire him, he has an offer that we're both happy with, and much relieved as well. I've been saving a dinner gift-certificate that we got for Christmas for just this occasion, so we're going out tonight to celebrate. I'm very happy, for both of us. Now all I have to do is get into a Ph.D program in Toronto!