Thursday, April 19, 2007

Term Two: Check!

Joy to the world, the term is done! I finished my Brokeback Mountain paper at 8:00 last night, which was about four hours after it was really supposed to be done, but at least it got done. My professor is so laid back (he didn't actually tell us when this paper was due or how long it was supposed to be, not to mention how much of our grade it's worth, until about two weeks ago) I don't think that he'll care. And it's done! So here's what I'm going to be doing instead:

  • Shopping!: I have not properly been shopping since, oh, last September. Reason- no money. But I got a bunch of gift certificates for my birthday, and I'm spending them, baby! Very excited. I don't have as much patience for shopping as I used to, but I've got enough.
  • Cleaning: Not quite as fun, but our landlord wants to show people around our apartment, so it's gotta be done. That's the one thing that tends to fall by the wayside when the hubby and I are in library lockdown mode, so it'll be good to be spick and span again.
  • Reading: namely, books that aren't for school. I got the French translation of Das Parfum from the library yesterday, so we'll see if I can get through it. If not, the English translation isn't far behind.
  • Posting on the Library: I've been terrible, but posting on Melissa's Library requires a) actually reading something and b) the ability to have a rational opinion about it, two things which I haven't been able to do lately. I'll get back on it, though.
  • Revising papers: I've got to get my Elizabeth Barrett Browning paper in good shape for May 5th, and Chapter Two of my thesis in good shape for May 4th. Should be doable.
  • Abstract writing: An abstract of my thesis chapter is due tomorrow for the May 4th colloquium, so I'll have to get on that tonight.
  • Thesis writing: My goal is to have the introduction of my thesis done, in some way, shape, or form, by the end of the month. I've got a pretty good model in my supervisor's own M.A. thesis, which he wrote on the same poet, so I'm in good stead there. I've just got to write it!
  • Job hunting: I've decided to see what jobs are out there for September other than teaching elementary school. I'm always amenable to variety (and making more money), so I've got my eyes peeled. So far, I'm going to apply to teach college English. The college is in London (a bit far for my tastes), but it'll be good practice to apply anyway, and hopefully something will come up in the GTA.
  • Going out: the hubby and I have orchestrated a night of debauchery, starting at the Shoe Shop and continuing wherever, for a bunch of our friends tomorrow night. If you're reading this and in Halifax, join us! If not, don't call me on Saturday morning, 'cause I won't be happy with you.
So that's that. Done classes, but busy as ever. That's life!


Purple Mangos said...

Statements like the last one make me wish I had your phone number. *grin* (Evil me.)