Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wishing I lived in other people's blogs

The complete desolation that is Dalhousie is getting me down. Spent a few hours in the library today editing my conference papers, and it was deathly. And only open for four hours. As you can probably tell, I was not pleased. Hence the reason that I wish I was living in other people's blogs. If I was some of my blog friends, I could be on my way to Europe, just finished a law degree and about to start a great job, or living in lovely Vancouver and dishing celebrity gossip. Instead, I am me, reading and writing as per usual in the ghost town that is Halifax.

Okay, pity party is over. Life is good, albeit a bit quiet. Although many of our friends have left for home in the past couple of days, most of them are going back to Toronto, so I'll see them soon enough. Todd and Avi both spent the past couple of days cleaning out their apartments, and as an unexpected surprise, left us with all of the food that they couldn't eat. The hubby and I live in a smallish apartment and our kitchen isn't exactly gourmet, so it has been a bit of a tight fit to get everything put away, but I love the fact that I'm only going to have to buy milk and fruit for the next month or so. I also now have a lifetime supply of Ziploc bags. Now is your cue to envy me. *grin*

As for current projects on the go, the conference papers are coming along well. The EBB paper is down to ten pages; I'm not sure yet if they're ten good pages, but at least it's the right length. My thesis chapter, which I'm presenting on Friday, is still seventeen pages, but I'm agonizing over what to cut, so I'll leave that until tomorrow. I also submitted my application to Fanshawe yesterday, and I'm waiting on my transcripts to arrive to send off two more for George Brown. Hopefully something will come of those (commuting to London is not a prospect that I'm interested in entertaining, and I don't particularly want to move for the tenth time in the last two years. No, I'm not exaggerating), so an easy commute on the GO Train to Toronto (and an office down the block from the hubby's) would be lovely.

I do believe that my cookies are done baking (gotta empty out the pantry somehow!) so I'm off!


Purple Mangos said...

I don't think you'd actually want to live in other people's blogs if you had to live the day-to-day stuff that isn't written in them. They do look pretty good on paper, though. Still, I think I'd trade with you if it meant you had to do my last few days and the next few coming up.

Melissa said...

Very true. What people choose to write about is very different than what they are actually living. I do envy people who are off travelling, though. That's something that I really miss being able to do right now, and something that I won't be able to afford in the foreseeable future.