Sunday, May 06, 2007

Movie Review: Spider-man 3

I was just on the IMDB site for the new Spider-man movie, and the first user comment I saw was "This is the worst Spidey movie yet. I LOVED IT!" And funny enough, that's exactly how I feel.

Just to get this out of the way first: the new Spider-man sucks. Really. Parts of it are absolutely god-awful. But it was great! It was so bad that it was good, if you know that feeling. There are so many moments in the movie that are so terrible that they are gut-bustingly hilarious. Like Peter Parker walking down the streets of New York doing jazz hands and hip thrusts (Really. Believe me, I share your feeling of "what the...?") Or the scene where he does this whole dance routine to make Mary Jane jealous, complete with emo hair, what looked like eyeliner, more jazz hands, dancing on a piano, and that snapping-walking thing they did in a lot of movies from the 50s. And the crying! So much crying! Peter cries, Mary Jane cries, Aunt May cries, New Goblin cries, Sandman cries. In one of the last scenes, Spidey starts bawling, and the whole theatre just cracked up. It was beyond funny. But isn't this supposed to be an action movie?

So, in the end, yes, I was entertained, but also let down. Too many villains, too much crying, too much Kirsten Dunst singing, and not enough real story. So when people started applauding at the end of the film, shouting "thank goodness it's over!", I have to admit that I joined in. It wasn't $9 wasted, but Spidey 4 is definitely going to be a rental.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Crappy but entertaining.. And my Abolsute favorite scene was the one in the restaurant. Why? Because the maitreD (spelling?) was Bruce Campbell, my all time favorite actor. I havent seen him much lately, and that scene filled the void left by his absence. OH MY, How I Love That Man.

Melissa said...

Why do you love him so much? I'm not sure that I know what else he's been in...let me go look on IMDB. Nope, don't recognize much that he's been in. He was really fun though...reminds me of John Cleese playing the French guard in Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Purple Mangos said...

Do me a favour and write "spoilers" at the top of your post. Some of us are sadly not going to get the chance to see Spidey3 for awhile.

Melissa said...

My reviews always contain spoilers, and I haven't given away any essential elements of the plot. You're not reading anything here that you couldn't find in the reviews in the Toronto Star.

Purple Mangos said...

I'm not reading those either.