Thursday, May 03, 2007

On your marks, get set, go!

The craziness that is the next two days will begin in just a few hours, so I will be off in conference land, and back in touch when I'm through. But here's the rundown:

  • go to school, print my paper, practice a few times
  • conference begins at 9:30, I present around 11:00, and we finish at 3:30
  • go to the Grad House for drinks
  • pick up rental car
  • go home, pack, and drive three hours to Sackville
  • conference begins at 9:00, I present around 1:00, ends around 5:00
  • reception begins at 7:00, ends whenever we decide to move downtown for more drinks
  • wake up in the morning, drive to goodness knows where (wherever the hubby decides that he wants to drive), be a tourist for awhile
  • drive back to Halifax
  • go see Spiderman 3
So that's my weekend! Hope you all have a good one, and I will prepare conference stories for when I've got the time & the internet. Ciao!


Purple Mangos said...

It's only conference craziness if you're actually running the conference (or the next thing to running it).

Melissa said...

It was plenty busy enough for me! Enjoyed it, though.