Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random observations

  • There is someone trying to sell their soul on Facebook for $55.
  • Parked outside of Bleak House today was a car with a Northwest Territories license plate shaped like a polar bear. As a side note, according to Google maps, it would take about 70.5 hours to drive from Yellowknife to Halifax. That's brave. As another side note, all license plates in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are shaped like polar bears. They are the only non-rectangular license plates in North America.
  • The story about Americans thinking that the Remembrance Day quarters were spy tracking devices is still in the news. Really, guys, some employees of the American government are that uninformed/paranoid. Get over it.
  • The CRTC is going to pass legislation allowing unlimited advertising airtime on conventional television stations. Boy am I glad that I don't have a TV!
  • Bob Barker is retiring next month. I haven't watched The Price is Right in years, but it still gives me a pang. I wonder if the rates of spaying and neutering of pets will go down in America after he's gone. (Side note: Barker is now 83 years old. The man deserves a break!)
  • The Toronto Public Health Department has determined that hot dog stands can also sell prepackaged potato chips and granola bars as well as "pre-formed sausage like meat served on a bun." Not exactly what people had in mind, I don't think. See as an example Guy Rubino with his braised pomegranate duck and curried coconut soup. Oh, how I love the Rubino boys.