Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things to be happy about

I am being a grump this week, for a number of good reasons (or at least, that's how I'm justifying it to myself), but there's still lots of good stuff to be cheerful about:

  • A lovely dinner at The Cellar with Aunt Carol and Emily last night. They spent the day touring around Mahone Bay, Chester, and Lunenburg, and brought me some adorable presents. One of them is a clamshell cast in pewter, and they're giving a matching one to the hubby so we can be connected. They're such saps! I love it. And I love shells, so it's a perfect gift.
  • Another page and a half of my thesis completed. Considering as I haven't done any work since last Wednesday due to being sick and invaded by half of Ontario in the form of our family, getting back into the writing groove is going slowly. However, it's going, and knowing that the faster I get done, the faster I get to go home is good motivation.
  • My new Dalhousie sweatshirt. I have to buy a sweatshirt from every school that I've gone to, and I adore my U of T and Queen's ones, but especially my U of T one, as it's a super cute red zip-up and uber-comfy. We were poking around the Dal bookstore on Saturday while the hubby was getting his degree framed, and I saw that the Dalhousie version of my U of T one was on sale, so of course I had to get it. It's white with navy blue stripes down the sleeves and a nice little Dal crest, and because I'm me and have to wear anything that I buy immediately, I'm wearing it today.
  • A new TV show to watch. Auntie Carol was telling me about Brothers & Sisters last night; I knew that Calista Flockhart was in it, but I've never seen it. Rob Lowe is in it, which I didn't know, but I love him from The West Wing, and Auntie Carol adores the show, so I downloaded the first episode to watch tonight. I'm in need of something new to watch to tide me over from now until Weeds starts in July, so this might be it.
  • The season finale of House tonight. Will Foreman really leave? Will Cameron give in to Chase's Tuesday professions of affection? Will Wilson convince House to start taking anti-depressants for good? We'll just have to wait and see.
  • Having the bed to myself. I grew up with my very own queen sized bed (yes, I was spoiled, although that was really the only way I was), and I got used to being able to take up the whole thing. Hey, I'm tall, I'm entitled! With the hubby gone, I can sprawl as much as I want and hog all of the covers and use four pillows if I feel like it. Now if only the jackhammers next door wouldn't start going at 7:00 am so I could actually appreciate it...

Writing this actually has gotten me out of the doldrums a bit. The power of blogging. Now back to the writing that'll get me a degree...