Saturday, June 23, 2007

Making progress

I had a long meeting with Dean over coffee on Friday morning to go over what I need to do to get the thesis tied together in a roughly finished form. I've got a 15 page max introduction to write; this is going to take me awhile because a large chunk of it is nitpicky sort of writing, in that I have to go through everything that anyone has ever written about Wilkinson's poetry and discuss it in a way that is relevant to my argument. Once that's done (I've finished doing that for her first collection, so now I have to do it for her second collection and the three versions of her collected works that were published after her death), I'll need to write about my theoretical approach, as well as Frye & Wilkinson's relationship, and a short summary of each chapter. I'll then write introductory and concluding sections for each chapter, do some cosmetic edits, and send it off to Dean for his expert editing. I'm hoping that I can get it done in the next week and a half or so.

On the wedding front, the church is booked. August 30 at 3:00. It's all very symmetrical, especially if you consider that the wedding is in 08/2008. Dean also got married in Toronto, and had the big crazy kind of wedding that I dread (300+ guests, AND he had to say his vows in Hebrew), but we are definitely in agreement that having an amateur photographer is much preferable. If you know anyone, let me know, as I'm not willing to spend the thousands of dollars that professionals charge.

I'm also doing very well in selling my furniture and other belongings. The bookshelves are gone, and the bed and kitchen table will be soon. It's amazing how liberating getting rid of material possessions can feel; I guess this is why those Mission: Organization shows, where people purge like crazy, are so popular. I'll be happy to start fresh when we get our place in Toronto and not have quite so much second-hand IKEA furniture; it's not that I don't love IKEA, 'cause I do, but I'd like to be able to pick it out myself.