Friday, June 01, 2007

Things I am currently addicted to

It's Friday, I'm tired and in the middle of writing the last of Chapter Three, so bulleted list it is:

  • Lindor 70% dark chocolate. Apparently, dark chocolate in small quantities is actually good for you, so it is now my go-to treat. Yum.
  • Yo-Yo Ma. I love the cello, and I love Yo-Yo Ma. He does some great duets with Bobby McFerrin where Ma plays and McFerrin sings the other part (he's known for being able to imitate the sounds of instruments.) It's fantastic.
  • Halifax harbour. I've been taking a walk by the harbour every night this week, and it is so beautiful. Last night there was a huge sailing ship docked called the Libertau. It's masts were all strung with lights, and it was gorgeous. The smell of the salt water is refreshing too.
  • Sex and the City. When I was doing my B.Ed, I got through most of all six seasons, but I've gone back again. It's just such fun, and always good for a laugh, and the episodes are nice and short- the perfect amount of time for a break.


Purple Mangos said...

Chocolate is good in any quantity, if you ask me. lol.

Oh, and Yo-Yo Ma is also good, as long as he's not playing Bach. As a romanticist, he's fabulous.