Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My apologies

I know that I've really been neglecting the blog this week or so, but it's just that kind of time. I've moved over to Christy's and am taking care of the house and the dog. Sam is great: huge, full of energy, and needs lots of walks, but he's great company. The house is lovely, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

While taking care of Sam requires a few hours each day, the majority of my time is being spent finishing up the thesis. It will be done on Friday. Yes, that's right...Friday. I've got three pages left on the introduction, 1-2 pages to write as introductions and conclusions to each of the body chapters, a short conclusion, and that's it. Dean will edit it over the weekend, I will make revisions on Monday, and hopefully it will go to my first reader, Dr. Ross, by Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest. Once Dr. Ross is done with it, I'll do another day of revisions, send it off to my second reader, likely Dr. Diepeveen, and once he's done with it, I essentially am too. I'll do any last few revisions, get the format checked, get Dean, Trevor, and Len to sign it, and that's that!

While Trevor and Len are reading it, I've got lots of other things to do. I need to pack up the apartment, try to get someone to sublet it for August (hopefully the person who is moving in after me), cancel the Internet, electricity, and my cell phone, return all of my library books (I've got about 50, so that'll be fun!), clean out my office, get the carpet cleaned at the apartment, and ship stuff home. I've sold all of the furniture now, which is great, and so as soon as I know when I'll be done, I'll book a plane ticket. Probably July 31st. Woo hoo!

However, I've got lots of work to do before then, so off I go! Have a great short week, and enjoy the weather!