Thursday, August 23, 2007

We could have been friends...

There's really only one person I've ever met that I have strong negative feelings for. I'm pretty easy to get along with, and I do like, or at least tolerate, just about everyone. Just not this one person. The hubby and I only refer to her as "you-know-who," and while I'm not going to get into the reasons that we don't get along, I'm quite happy not to be living half a block from her anymore.

You-know-who has a blog that I quite enjoy reading, though. She's a good writer, and her blog is funny and smart. Christy's husband was her professor, and his blurb on it calls it witty and informative, which it is. And the funny thing is, the more I read her blog, the more I feel like we really could have been friends, except for extenuating circumstances. We both love to read and cook; we both love a good pair of glasses and a great pair of shoes. We both love Harry Potter, taking pictures, a good walk, travelling, and Jeffes' "Perpetuum Mobile," my most recent realization of our similar tastes, and one of my dad's and my favourite classical pieces.

Noticing all of our similarities, it bothers me that we, for a lot of reasons, don't like each other when we really should. That's life, I guess. Circumstances mess up what could otherwise have been an interesting new friendship. I'm glad that it doesn't happen to often, and I know that as I realize more shared interests that you-know-who and I have, I'll continue to regret how we felt/feel about each other. Maybe someday we'll forget enough to make friends. Maybe. One can only hope.


Purple Mangos said...

I don't think you should regret not getting along with one person. Besides, shared interests aren't the same things as compatible personalities.

Melissa said...

I'm not sure that I necessarily regret not being her friend, but I regret the missed opportunity more. And you're right, shared interests aren't the same things as compatible personalities, but if the reason that we don't like each other didn't exist, I think we probably would have been fairly compatible. But the reason does exist and it's not going away, so that's that.