Monday, October 22, 2007

No Complaints Here

Life is good. I'll start with working for one of the most prestigious publishing houses in the world. Work is a dream. I couldn't have picked a better job had I had my choices laid out for me on a platter. Everyone is unbelievably nice (our new intern started today, and she is adorable), I've gotten the hang of everything really quickly, and our publications are pretty great. My hours are almost ridiculously short--8:30-4:00--so the days speed by, and work is just fun. Je suis tres contente. Side benefits are the short commute, the fancy Flavia coffee maker, and the fun of wearing clothes that are not jeans.

This weekend was hectic but entertaining, which seems to sum up life in general at the moment. The hubby's dad and brother came over to bring us furniture and take him tuxedo shopping (they love their tuxes, these guys), so we have rounded out our apartment with a TV stand and a microwave. It is practically perfect in every way, except for the lack of art and the slightly uncomfortable bed, which will be remedied with lots of posters and a mattress pad. Easy peasy. Saturday night, our favourite Bowmanville friends came over for dinner to deflower our new dining set, and as per usual with these two, we spent the whole night talking about various suggestive topics and drinking copious amounts of wine. Classic. Blaise is an electronics whiz, so he rigged us a TV antenna out of a coat hanger and duct tape, which means that I can watch Heroes tonight, instead of waiting for it as streaming. Yea!

Sunday, the hubby and I hit up The Bay to start our wedding registry. I thought that it would be loads of fun, but it really wasn't. I'm going to have to rethink the china that I chose, because while the actual place settings are reasonable, I am not going to own a $350.00 teapot. As my mother remarked, "You two are major klutzes, and no one should trust you with a $350.00 teapot." So true. And while scanning things randomly is fun, registering takes a lot of thought and negotiation. So after about an hour, I was done, which was fine. We can go back as many times as we want to finish, and there's no rush. It does make Christmas present buying easy for me this year, though. I'm still shell-shocked about the $350.00 teapot, though.

Wedding plans are still under negotiation around here. After a major wedding meltdown about two weeks ago, I decided that what I really wanted was a family BBQ that happened to have a wedding in the middle of it, but the hubby is still thinking about it. He likes the idea of a church wedding, whereas I have no commitment to the idea, as my aunt will be marrying us either way. As I always say, all I really care about is the being married part, and how it happens will work itself out. I know that I seem like the most indecisive bride ever, but as I would happily not have a wedding at all if I thought that our families wouldn't mind, all I'm really trying to do is keep it as low key as possible while still keeping everyone reasonably happy, which is not an easy thing to do. So I'll keep you posted.

On the future prospects side of things, I have seriously been shirking my SSHRCS, so those will get done this week and sent off next, hopefully. And in other news, I apparently graduated with an M.A. this weekend. Who knew! I hear from the thesis office that I'll be getting my thesis in the mail in November, so with that and my diploma in hand, it will be officially goodbye to Dalhousie. Aw.

I'm off to drop my resume off at Indigo in hopes of securing some part-time employment, both for the pecuniary benefits and for the cheap books, and then it's time for Heroes. I love having free TV.


Purple Mangos said...

You're going to be working full time _and_ part-time and planning a wedding all at the same time? Without going crazy?

Melissa said...

What can I say? I like to keep busy. :)

Purple Mangos said...

If you get the Indigo job before Oct 30th, can you let me know? I'm waiting for a book, and I can always use an insider.

Melissa said...

Will do. I'll let you know.