Sunday, November 11, 2007

Two years down, Nine months to go

Saturday night was the Kingsway-Lambton United Church outreach auction at the Lambton Golf and Country Club, which is an event that the hubby's parents organize and attend every year. It's always a fun night; there's good food, lots of time to hang out with the hubby's family, whom I love to bits, and the amusement of watching people with way more money than they need pay a thousand dollars to get the president of the Argos to sing "O Canada." Think of it as a sociology research project, but in fancy clothes. *grin*

Two years ago, after the auction, the hubby proposed, and I of course accepted. And I can't believe that it's been that long. Means I need to get my butt in gear! My doctoral indecisiveness also extends to the wedding, and while we've FINALLY (I think) figured out how it's going to go, I still haven't booked a photographer or a caterer, which are mildly important if people want to not be hungry and have photos to remember the event by. I'm working on it, but these things take time, and patience, and money, all of which are in short supply right now. However, it'll all get done in time, we'll get hitched, and that will be that. I'm not particularly concerned. THAT we get married is infinitely more important than HOW, so that makes things easier.

Life in North Toronto is good right now. Work is going well; I work with fantastic people, which makes up for the fact that my actual job is less than thrilling. But it's satisfying, an I'm happy to do it, so there's no problem there. I am hugely enjoying indulging my techie side, which includes redesigning & programming the website, consulting on a new sales database, learning SAP, and liaising with a really cute French Bell IT analyst. My job has mad perks. *lol* The website it part of the reason that the blog is mildly suffering; I'm having so much fun brushing up on my HTML (haven't seriously used it since Grade 8) that I'm neglecting the Miscellany. Alas.

The hubby and I have indulged our taphophilia (love of cemeteries) with long walks around Mount Pleasant, which is gorgeous and peaceful and full of history. I'm not a taphophile in the creepy goth sense, just in the "the hubby and I love to wander around cemeteries for fun" sense. Lots of friends have expressed a similar interest, so I'm not the only weirdo. We also made an amazing grocery run last night; yes, I'm ridiculously excited about super cheap chicken breasts and souvlaki, but when I don't normally let us afford chicken breasts, it's a big deal. And the hubby had a rental car from work, so no schlepping on the bus, which was a bonus.

We've got a huge conference coming up at work, which is going to be a blast, and we're celebrating the end of it with girls' night at the Dance Cave. Good times. But the next week will be packing, checking packing lists, making sure everyone knows what they're doing and where they're supposed to be, more packing, and then running around like a crazy person for three days. I'm looking forward to it.

SSHRCs are due the day after tomorrow, so if my last letter of appraisal arrives as promised in the morning (*fingers crossed*), I will be on my way to enjoying lots of government money very soon. Wish me luck.


Purple Mangos said...

9 months for an August wedding, you had better book the caterer soon!

Melissa said...

We're good, actually. Just have to call some references, but I think we've got someone really good. :)

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