Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, that didn't last long!

My job title, that is. I knew that some changes were going to be going down in our department when I got hired, although it was totally hush-hush at the time. They've happened, and things are getting a bit crazy. Half of the second largest department in the company got fired (yikes!) and my division, which is the second smallest, took it over. David triumphs over Goliath, you could call it.

There are lots of good things about this. Goliath was a mess, so we're going to go in and clean it up. The sales reps were muy unhappy, and that I can definitely help to do something about (like, actually tell them what books to sell, and give them the tools to do it. Basic logic, you'd think, but apparently not). The restructuring also means that the big boss man thinks that my boss rocks (which she does) and can handle running two divisions.

For me, it means that my job has been adjusted a fair bit. Instead of sales & marketing coordinator, ESL, I'm now marketing coordinator, ESL and education (official job title still to be approved, but that's an accurate description of my job). Seems like the job just splits vertically and realigns itself horizontally so that it ends up being about the same load as before, but it doesn't really work out that way. My job has always been way more marketing than sales coordination, and so I gave away about 25% of my job, and took on 100% of someone else's job. Thus, work is a bit crazy.

However, I find myself quite enjoying it. Although I'm juggling two departments, which means knowing two catalogues of product, helping two sets of customers, keeping tabs on two editorial teams and what they're working on, and backing up two sales teams, I'm loving the diversity and creativity that all of this gives me. I've got some really neat projects coming up (love working on promotions and seeing what creative services can come up with. Another department is getting personalized scarves. I'm all over that), and I love helping the reps do their jobs. The ed reps were so unhappy that they're absolutely THRILLED that anyone is taking the time and effort to make their jobs easier, and it's so sweet and motivating how excited they are that I've got their backs. And it takes a lot to stress me out at work, so I'm cool with doing two jobs. Just need to get what I need to do organized in my calendar and in my head, and it's off to the races. It also means that weeks just FLY by, and I can't believe that it's already December. Yikes.

It also helps that everyone at work is great. The work girls and I went out dancing on Saturday night, which was lots of fun. Brunny + Dance Cave + karaoke + 4am Pizza Pizza stop = good times. Looks like my intern is going to be promoted to sales coordinator (so she's now the other half of my former job), which means that she'll be sticking around beyond three months, which is great. And if we meet our sales targets for the year, the big boss is taking us all on a $500 a piece shopping spree. Sweet! Life in publishing is good. Now if only I could get rid of this damn cold...