Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things you do, just because

Things that I did today that I didn't really want to do:

  • Cleaned out marketing files from 2001-2004 that for some reason were living in my office. I got a new office before Christmas, and inherited two filing cabinets and many OLD files. Filing, while useful, is a massive pain when it isn't your system and you're worried that, one day, someone will want to know what flyer got faxed to two school boards in Nova Scotia in 2002. What was really sad was that there wasn't one useful thing in two full drawers of files. I always hope that I'll find something that will make my work life easier or more interesting when I'm doing things like this, but it never quite works out this eway.
  • Worried about the fact that the educational publishing market is down about 40% this year, which means that everyone at work is stressed out and we might not get our end of fiscal bonus, which I've already mentally spend on an iPod (or a Zune, if they're out in Canada by then) and a digital camera. No fun. Stressed out sales reps and bosses make for a tense office. I'm the most Zen person at work (to the point that I stress people out, because they feel like they have to live up to my Zen standard. It amuses me), but I can't Om my way through this one.
  • Attempted to visualize the VERY complicated map of who sells what across the province by grade level and division, of which I work for two. I have really bad spatial sense, which made this all the worse. How am I supposed to know where to direct what, I ask you? Apparently my boss has not thought of this problem. Or should I say, my three bosses. Maybe that's the problem? I don't mean for it to sound like work is totally disorganized and messy, though. We're just having a bad few weeks. There are lots of staffing changes going on, and no one has quite settled in yet. Soon.
However, there were quite a few things I did today that I did want to do, and quite enjoyed. I:

  • Bought the next J.D. Robb book and read about half of it. They're the best. And Roarke is is really hot for a fictional Irish dude who lives in 2059.
  • Had Chinese for dinner. I love stir-fried broccoli with a passion that is not holy. I have a thing for cruciferous vegetables of all sorts, broccoli is, as abnormal as some people believe this preference to be, my favourite veg of all time. If there is one thing that I can thank my parents wholeheartedly for (there are lots), it is raising me to be one of the least picky eaters I know. The only food that I seriously dislike is cucumber, and I'll eat that in sushi.
  • Listened to lots of Panda Bear. Because I'm on the computer at work all day, I need something to keep me entertained, which is where my MP3 player comes in. Everyone knows to knock loud of they come into my office (I sit with my back to the door), and it all works out. Today, I had Person Pitch on repeat, which is a fantastic record. Think Beach Boys on acid with some Moby thrown in there, and you've got a vague idea of what it sounds like, but not really. You've just got to listen to it. And to aid you in that pursuit, I have found you the first track on the album: Comfy in Nautica (ignore the video, and just listen.) As I get older, my musical tastes get more random and eclectic, which I love.
  • Went to guitar class. With my new strings, my guitar is both easier to play, and much mellower sounding, which is deeply pleasurable. We played some Beatles, some Eric Clapton, some blues, and some Springsteen tonight. Glen was playing an electric tonight, instead of his normal jazz acoustic, which was a fun change. Can't wait until I'm as good as he is. Only 24.75 years to go. My calluses are doing pretty good, though.
  • Had a good catch up session with my mom & sister. We talk every couple of days, but we like to talk a lot, so we're never lacking in topics of conversation. Todays topics included: Tyler Florence, cooking, costume parties, work, wedding dress shopping (Sunday!), and Daisy Duke. Don't ask.
The hubby still isn't home from work (oh, the life of a lawyer), so I'm going to chill out some more, read some more J.D. Robb, and get ready for another random, eclectic day. I think I'm going to take Friday off as a mental health day, so one more day in the week, and I'm done. Thank goodness for my bank of holidays.


Purple Mangos said...

Which JD Robb did you get? Strangers isn't out until Feb 19. I know this, as I am compulsive about NR books.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, I love the panda bear songs, will have to DL some myself...
If you are in another random music mood, try VAST, 2 of my personal fav songs by them are "Touched" and "I'm Dying" which has cool gregorian chanting in the background. Both are on youtube with some crap videos, but you can hear the music :D
<3 Mar

Melissa said...

Mangos: I'm still really early on in the series, so I just finished Loyalty, which was great. McNab and Peabody just got together, which I've been waiting awhile for. I'll catch up with the series eventually, but I'm glad that I'm behind, as it means that I never have to wait for the next book.
Mar: I'm looking forward to your party! Any idea what's going on yet? And I hope you get the classes that you want on Monday!