Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things that Suck

  • Vantage Point. So not worth the price of admission. Did get a few good laughs in, though. I quite enjoyed the guy who yelled out at one point "Oh Sweet Jebus!"
  • Not getting a SSHRC. You can kiss my ass, non-specialist selection committee. And equally so, the Harper government who underfunds SSHRC, so that there isn't enough money to go around.
  • A weekend so jam packed that I don't know when I'm going to have time to relax. Schedule goes something like this: wake up, clean, pick up rental car, IKEA, grocery shopping, change, drive to Bowmanville, party, sleep over, drive back from Bowmanville, return rental car, lunch with Laura & Emily (hence the cleaning), meet with photographer to sign contract for wedding, make dinner, eat, go to the gym, go to bed, wake up and go to work on Monday morning. Fun, but not relaxing, and relaxing is what I want right now.
  • Being grumpy and writing a blog post about things that suck. So I'm going to bed.