Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Jakester

One of the very talented people that the hubby and I are related to is the drummer for the Toronto band The Artist Life. And I keep meaning to post one of their videos, but have just gotten to it now. As you can tell from my music feed on the left, I'm not a punk girl, but Jake's band is quite listenable, and according to the aunties, his band-mates are "really sweet, gentlemanly boys, both of whom are engaged to very nice girls." A very auntie thing to say. But Jake is a sweetheart too, although he tries to hide it with ink and hoodies. His CN Tower tattoo is pretty fabulous though.
Anywho, enjoy the video. We're hoping that The Artist Life will really go places and Jake can live his dream of being a rock star. I think it'll happen, and sooner rather than later. With all of their hard work, they deserve it.