Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Post-Labour Day Blues

I don't got 'em. I did have, this time last year, as it was the first year since I was four that I didn't get to go back to school. I was also unemployed, and back living with my parents, but still. I've always been one of those really annoying people who looks forward to Labour Day with anticipation. Just about everything about it excites me: back to school clothes, new school supplies, the blank pages of a day planner just waiting to be filled. Love it.

So far, my post-Labour Day weeks have been pretty great. I settled back into work fairly easily, although my schedule was a bit more disrupted than I had planned, as I had to meet with my course leader on Wednesday and teach two tutorial on Friday. They were fine, though (just the normal "who are you, why are you taking this class, what do you want to do when you finish" kind of stuff), and my kids seem great. Probably shouldn't call them kids, as they're in 3rd year, but old habits die hard. I get to TA a subject I really like, though, and just about every book on the list for that class are on the list for my comprehensive exams, so I'm well set.

Had my first class yesterday, which was great. It is HUGE compared to Dal (16 students, vs. maybe 6 in most of my Dal classes), and everyone but one other person was an MA student. Not that I have anything against MA students, but I'd like to get to know some people who are going to be there after next year. I did meet four or five more PhDs, and also attended a majorly informative session on applying to grants (must work on that. Don't want to, but must. That's life). I'm also trying to get on the graduate English committee, as I've become a bit of a committee junkie from being the social chair at work, and it's a good way to make friends on a commuter campus. Speaking of which, it took me two hours to get home last night. What gives? Well, dead body on the 401 gives, but really, was the crazy delay necessary?

I've spent the night tonight doing my reading for yesterday's class, and my brain just ain't what it used to be. Theory is a lot more taxing today than it probably will be in even two weeks. Man, work screws your brain! I was reading Christian Bok's critique of Linda Hutcheon's The Canadian Postmodern, and I literally had to look up every fourth word. A lot of that is probably because Bok knows every word there is, essentially, after writing Eunoia, but still. Hopefully it'll get easier. At least I know who Bok is, thanks to Liz & Greg giving me Eunoia for Christmas.

Work and class tomorrow, and then TA central on Friday: lecture and two tutorials. The first class is on Anne of Green Gables, which means that a) I don't need to read the book and b) I'm either going to have NO good discussion (the girls will love it uncritically and the guys won't care), or I'll have some crazy debates. I'm hoping for the latter. Will keep you posted.


Purple Mangos said...

Anne of Green Gables the whole series or just the first book?

Melissa said...

Just the first book.

Mar said...

UGH not Anne of Green Gables... i hated that stupid b....
I'm with the guys on that one, who gives a ... well... you know... lol
Tomorrow is Friday!!! YAY! Weekend !

Melissa said...

I love it uncritically at home & hate it at school. I.e. I can see the triteness & all of the f**ed up gender politics, but I also reread the series once a year b/c I loved it so much as a kid.