Thursday, October 02, 2008

Canadian Prime Ministerial Candidates Debate

9:53-"I've never used a private clinic." "Well, I've never used a clinic." "Me neither!" "Me neither!" They sound like the seagulls in Finding Nemo- "mine, mine, mine, mine, mine."

9:55-Why does it sound like Dion and May are the only people who know how to answer a question? Okay, maybe not May.

10:01- Yea, the arts! Is anyone listening to Harper at all? "I love the arts. I play the piano a bit. But I won't use any government money for it." Tax credits for five year olds vs. funding established artists and writers. Hmmmm....I don't get the logic. Shoot him down, Layton!

10:03-Moderator: "Do you think the Conservatives are barbarians?" What a weird question! I like Dion's answer "Mr. Harper, you like the arts, but you hate artists."

10:07-Dion: "I'm for more fun in Canada!" Okay, I'm voting for you. And whatever anyone says, Dion's English is amazing compared to Duceppe's.

10:12- Harper seems to be trying to make people afraid of gang related crime, rather than assuring people that crime is going down. But he didn't have any real ideas. Can you look at the camera, dude? Creepy eyes....

10:18- The Globe is arguing that there's no point in watching the debates, because the country has decided, and we're all gonna vote for Harper. Thanks, but no thanks.

10:21-Layton is totally off topic and talking about Native Communities when everyone else is talking about criminal sentencing. Yes, that's annoying, as much as I think they should talk about Native Communities.

10:22-Layton just had a little Dion-bashing moment: "If you can't run the opposition party, I don't see how you can run the country."

They're onto Afghanistan, but I'm tired. And on that note, I'm off to bed, to catch up in the news tomorrow.