Sunday, November 09, 2008


Sunday morning breakfast is a bit of an obsession of ours. When we have company over from the Saturday night before (which tends to be fairly frequently), we wake up in anticipation of walking over to a local diner and feasting on bacon and eggs. Same goes when we're hanging out in Bowmanville with Rhianon and B. The hubby is slightly more adventurous than I when it comes to ordering, but I'm a purist. My breakfast is always the same, and I can recite my order like a script: two eggs over easy, bacon well done, brown toast and coffee.

And in those eleven words, my Sunday morning can either be made or destroyed. That might be exaggerating a bit, but a bad breakfast can really wreck my mood of hopeful anticipation. Upon moving to our neighbourhood a year ago, we began scouting out a cheap and cheerful diner to make our regular breakfast joint. We started out with the Sunset Grill, and were sadly disappointed. Many a time, the success of breakfast depends on the potatoes, and these were undercooked and bland. My eggs were overcooked, and the atmosphere was just boring. We haven't been back since.

Next, we moved on to Mars Uptown Restaurant, which is a 50s style diner just up the block from us. Here, we hit breakfast gold. The eggs are always properly cooked, the potatoes are yummy and oniony, and the coffee decent. However, the atmosphere is less than steallar, and waiting twenty minutes in the vestibule staring at other people eating while waiting for one of the very few tables quickly got old. And, for what it was, breakfast was kinda pricey. Mars was our standby for many a moon, but today we decided to move on.

My sister stayed the night last night after spending the evening out watching the Habs/Leafs game at the Maddy. She and I are genetically wired to be a bit obsessed with Sunday breakfast, as our dad could eat eggs three meals a day, seven days a week, and never get tired of them, and so she was just as excited as the hubby and I to try somewhere new. The somewhere new was Boom Breakfast & Co. They opened a location in our neighbourhood a few months ago, but we hadn't tried it yet. Which I'm now regretting.

Upon entering, we were told that there would be a twenty minute wait, which is pretty much the same as Mars (and a necessary evil; you know that your breakfast joint is good when it's packed. An empty diner is a bad diner). However, we got to wait on a comfy black leather banquette with a newspaper and complimentary coffee. In a pretty blue and yellow room, with many LCD TVs playing the news (key), and the smell of yummy food. Good start!

We actually got seated in about fifteen minutes (points for that), sat in a super comfy booth (points for that), didn't have to ask for water (points for that), got our food promptly (points for that), and had a choice of jam other than Kraft strawberry (points for that). And the food: yummy! The Boom 'frites', as they're called, are super crisp and delicious homefries, and everything else was perfectly cooked and high quality. I love love love toast dipped in runny egg yolk, and overcooked eggs make me sad. These were parfait, and oh so delicious. The hubby had a Western sandwich, which was tasty, and everything that we saw other people ordering looked really really good--especially the smoothies and breakfast sandwiches.

All in all, Boom hit all the right notes for us. Score! New excellent breakfast place to call our own, only a three minute walk from our apartment (we're spoiled, I know). So Boom totally made my day, and I'm excited to take Rhianon & B there soon. Anyone else wanna come for a sleepover and join us?


Purple Mangos said...

Sounds like fun, but if you do breakfasts on Sundays, I wouldn't be able to drop by and join in. (Unless you go out for breakfast _really_ early in the morning?)

Speaking of joining in, more concert dates. Dec 6th, Dec 7th and Dec 20th. All Christmas, all the time. haha

Rhianon said...

Mmmm I am SO IN... Cant wait for our December weekend!