Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Night Update

I've had a few crazy good days in the last week; Friday was our last official picket day until after the winter break. We were super chilled out, and spent most of the morning dancing to Hot Chip and drinking Timmies. Good times.

Saturday night was our holiday bash at The Gladstone. Got home at 4:00 am; that says it all. Love that we hijacked the karaoke machine to sing picket related songs. I definitely recall belting out "I Walk the Line" with Margot. A-dor-able.

Sunday was Ant Carol's Chrismas (and yes, I spelled ant correctly. Family joke. All communications to or from said aunt(s) [there are two that do this] must be signed with a little picture of an ant, preferably wearing some kind of hat and a speech bubble. See above.) Between the two of us, the hubby and I celebrate Christmas 4 times. No, we are not Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon. The hubby's immediate family has traditionally been in the Dominican Republic over Christmas, and so they celebrate with their extended family the week before Christmas, and then together on Christmas. My family has always had a Christmas/birthday celebration on Christmas Day for my mom's side of the family (and Christmas Day is her birthday; sucks to be her), and then with my dad's side of the family on Boxing Day. With the two families combined, that equals Christmas on December 14 (hubby's extended family), December 24 (hubby's immediate family), December 25 (my fam), and December 26 (ditt0). Whew! Getting tired just thinking about it. Luckily I love the holiday season, so it's more fun than anything, but it's a lot of schlepping around with gifts, that's for sure.

My new tutoring client is just as adorable as my first one, so this has turned out to be a great part-time job. Mondays are quite busy, as I tutor from 4 until 8:30 and have to get both places via transit, but it's worth it.

Our Week of Action continues today with a soft (i.e. informational) picket at King & Bay, so if you're downtown today between 11:00 and 3:00, come and say hi!