Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sucky blogger extraordinaire

Right off the bat, have to apologize for my lame-ass bloggerness. I've been feeling like I'm living in Groundhog Day for the past few weeks; hence, what the hell do I have to blog about when it's the same old day in and day out?

I do have things to blog about, however. That's why I'm a lame blogger. I've got a new job, which I'm very excited about. I'm tutoring an eleven year old who has ADHD; he's a riot, and it's the easiest and most entertaining job I've had in years. Love the connections that you can make at spousal holiday parties. And...he's teaching me Hebrew! Loads of laughs.

Holiday party for school is all organized; we're going to be rocking it new school at The Gladstone. May much mayhem and karaoke ensue! Can't wait to see everyone with hair (which is usually covered by a hat) and not smelling like the stench of burning pressure-treated wood. We've stocked up on the munchies, there will be much alcohol to be had, and we're going to try to outlast last year's partiers, who didn't make it to bed until 5:00. Considering how dead we all are from picketing, I can't see us beating it, but we're going to try!

Speaking of the picket line, came home today with my mittens and coat SOAKED (damn you, rainy snow), but overall cheerful. No movement anywhere on the strike; looks like back-to-work legislation is going nowhere, and we haven't heard anything about a forced ratification vote yet, so still waiting it out. However, us die hards are still making the effort to be on the lines, we're enjoying each other as much as ever, and the barriers will come down for the holidays at some point. Looking forward to a break.

This week is more revving up for Christmas; almost done my shopping, putting up the tree tonight (hopefully), and three holiday events this weekend--time with Rhianon & hubby, school holiday party, and Ant Carol's Christmas. So fun! I'm genetically predisposed to be a bit holiday obsessed (thanks Mom!), so this is one of my favourite times of year.


Rhianon said...

YAY! She blogs!!! Its Alive! :)

Melissa said...

lol...I heard that I was a sucky blogger, so I fixed it. ;)