Sunday, January 11, 2009

New & Noteworthy

We've got a couple of new gadgets around the house, one of which I've wanted for awhile and love, the other of which I never intended to get and am still deciding how much I love.

The first is our new electric toothbrush, bought for the staggering discount of 80% off. I have very nice, and very expensive teeth (hello, orthodontics!), and the hubby has lovely top teeth and crowded bottom teeth. Hence, we both needed a good toothbrush to keep us from dental misadventure. My favourite feature of the new toothbrush is a little Bluetooth gadget that times how long you should brush each quadrant of your mouth, and makes the toothbrush buzz at 30 second intervals to let you know to switch sections. It even smiles at you when you've completed your allotted two-minute brush. Very cute. I love the feeling of sqeaky clean teeth, and I won't have to worry about my dentist harassing me about my gum recession due to overzealous manual brushing.

The second gadget is a PVR (for those of you unfamiliar with this, it stands for Personal Video Recorder; much like Tivo). We got a complimentary box for a year from our cable company--oh, the wonder of gratis budgets. Essentially, I can record and play TV shows like movies. I've only recorded a few things so far, mostly TV programs I like to watch but would have missed while I was at the pool, and I've enjoyed skipping the commercials, that's for sure. I do tend to not want to watch programs while they're actually on (hence the reason that I've missed at least half of the current season of Dexter; I for some reason never watch TV on Sunday nights), so I think I'll start recording things and watching them at my leisure. With a 200G hard drive, I should be able to record quite a lot.