Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things Currently Making Me Nauseated Dalton McGuinty called a press conference at noon today to announce he was recalling the legislature tomorrow (on Sunday! Back from vacation!) to legislate us back to work. Total and utter horror, terror, and extreme anger. Why?

  • BTWL tells York that if they sit on their asses for long enough and don't attempt to negotiate (and don't you dare tell me that they tried, or I'll punch something), they get exactly what they want
  • BTWL = binding arbitration, which Reg Pearson told us to our faces yesterday would be bad for us. Bascially, an arbitrator will come up with a settlement, and we have no choice but to go with it. None.
  • BTWL means that some of my friends, who are more committeed & revolutionary than I am, are going to get arrested for not going back to work
  • BTWL sets a really scary precendent for universities in Ontario (as no university has been legislated back to work before)
  • BTWL essentially says that we are an essential service, but am I going to get the rewards that come with being an essential service like a police officer or a nurse? Nope.
  • BTWL completely subverts the process of negotiation, which makes me so fucking angry. York has relied on the fact, for months, that they don't have to negotiate because eventually McGuinty will come in and end it for them. And were they right? Yes. Their secret excuse for stonewalling has worked out perfectly. Fuck you, Shoukri.
I'm just blistering mad right now. The only thing that is slightly tempering it is the fact that the NDP are going to vote against the legislation, which means that we'll have hopefully a week in which York will get back to the table. I'm not counting on it at all. In fact, I couldn't be shocked by the lows that York will go to anymore. But at least they're not going to get their way right off the bat.

I'm off to grind my teeth and get drunk with my CUPE friends now. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Ok Im a little behind reading your blog, but dont talk to me about nauseated, I can beat out whatever you have. lol... Signed "X"

Melissa said...

I know who this is! Hope you feel better soon. At least being nauseated is a good thing in your case, right? ((Hugs))