Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today I:

  • found out that my friend broke up with her boyfriend due to strike related stress
  • played tambourine in front of the Ministry of Labour while listening to some amazing labour relations-based blues
  • walked down University Avenue with my friends
  • got surrounded by pissed off cops
  • watched people I know get assaulted by said cops, without provocation, and then arrested
  • watched people tell false stories to the media
  • watched people I know tell the real story to the media, and then get told that they couldn't report it, because we're union members and no one wants to listen to us
  • got surrounded by the SWAT team and held up in the middle of the road
  • continued walking down University Avenue, still surrounded by cops
  • rallied in front of Queen's Park, watched over by at least 50 cops, some on foot, some on bikes, some on horses, and some in SWAT vans
  • found out that four people got arrested and that my friend and her girlfriend were threatened with Tasers
  • found out that the NDP convinced McGuinty to call Shoukri and ask that York return to the table and bargain until the back-to-work legislation goes through (later found out that York refused)
  • had lunch with my extremely stressed out, pissed off and scared friends
  • attended a GMM, at which we tried to figure out what to do once the BTWL goes through
  • came home, ate leftover homemade pizza and drank half a bottle of wine, alone
  • watched too much TV in an attempt to distract myself from how screwed up and scary today was