Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happenings Around Town

Just some things that I'm up to that you might want to join in on:

Tonight: Five New Manifestos on the Book & Open Letter Launch Brought to You by the Toronto Women's Bookstore. Part of The Scream Literary Festival; The Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave. @ 7:00 pm.

Friday: For all you Yorkers, or anyone who wants to be my date, there's a BBQ @ Katie's place; 599 Crawford Ave. I don't know if I can rival the EGSA BBQ in terms of stamina, but I'll try.

Monday: Scream in High Park. Dream Stage @ 7:00 pm. They're all poets I'm excited to hear, and you can't go wrong with hanging out in High Park on a sunny evening.

Tuesday: Midnight screening of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince, with dinner/drinks beforehand at Victory Cafe. Even if you're not interested in seeing the movie, we always have a good time over a few beer.

July 20 (tentative): Canada's Wonderland for the day. We've got an extra seat in the car, if anyone is interested. Must love rollercoasters, although it's okay if you don't like the Minebuster. I don't either. Something about my legs being so long that I end up with massive bruises on my knees. I've got a few discount coupons too.

July 23: First general meeting of EGSA's yet-to-be-titled graduate journal. We're going to be learning about how the online journal publishing software works, deciding what positions we'll need to fill, perhaps setting up an editorial board with faculty volunteers, and generally getting organized. I've never started a journal before, so I don't know exactly how this is going to go, but at least we're getting going. If you're interested in getting some first-hand academic editing experience, I hope you'll come.