Monday, July 13, 2009


As my favourite gossip columnist (celebrity gossip, although of a high-brow sort, being my not-so-secret vice) would call them, here's my list of smutty tingles for the day (a.k.a. interesting links):

  • Can I buy tickets now? G&M
  • I already have my ticket, but I'm not sure I can wait another 23 hours: G&M
  • Ouch, indeed. This is sadly someone I know, who I'm wishing a speedy recovery: The Star
  • Has anyone brought Brüno as their camp artifact for Warren's class? New Yorker
  • Gladwell on, well, something complicated made simple, as usual: New Yorker
  • Another one-word-title book I need to read: Salon


scrawledinwax said...

Heh - I too was a little excited when the Globe review of HP6 popped up. I'd been waiting for it. I hope it's good. I liked 5 and thought it was significantly better than 4 and why on earth am I putting these words in such a public place?!

Of course, I can't see how it could possibly top Transformers 2... (Seriously though, I have never left a cinema with as big a grin on my face. That film is so unabashedly ridiculous that it was actually fun to watch).

Anyway, I'm glad you're blogging! Oh, if you're interested in a critique of that not-very-accurate Gladwell piece, this is among the better ones I read:

Melissa said...

I really wish that we had discussed Gladwell in the 20th century public intellectuals class I'm still trying to finish a paper for; I find him so amusing, but so disturbing. The ketchup article remains one of my favourites:

There is no shame in the land of Miscellany about loving HP; Denise and Katie and I have been ramping up each other's excitement for weeks. Hence the fact that we're seeing it at midnight tonight. You're more than welcome to come, if you've got enough brain cells left after T2 to waste.

I'm glad I'm blogging too. I'm not good without a variety of writing to do, and papers just don't cut it. Although your current outlook on professional writing makes me despair that I'll ever get paid to do it...

scrawledinwax said...

I've actually already got tickets for Wednesday night, but thank you. My friend and I just watched HP5 actually... yeah, we're super nerds. I don't know how I feel about that.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves tonight!