Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

  • It's really sad when I'm too tired to stay up to watch Mad Men on Sunday night. The show starts at ten. This is what I get for going on a caffeine detox. On the upside, it means that I have both Mad Men and True Blood to look forward to tomorrow
  • Rhianon still has not had the baby, although she's been at the hospital since 8:15 this morning. Stubborn like his daddy, I tell you!
  • Nav at What's Next for Snacks (go read it: it's good) is making me crave brunch, but I don't know any good brunch spots in my new old town. Will have to rectify that situation
  • My nanny is getting old. She's 89, so numerically she is old, but she never really seemed it before. Sigh. Some change is not good
  • I should do a post sometime soon on where I'm living now. It's an odd sort of place--it's a village, but it's inside a big city. It has all of the characteristics of a great small town--a great little main strip with the town institutions like Murphy's ice cream and Ladner's clothing store, complete walkability, the Mariposa-like competing churches, the Bread & Honey festival--but it's contained by a city with a population of almost a million. My dad grew up here, my nanny lives here, and I've lived near here all my life, but this is my first time living right in it. If I have to live in the suburbs, which I do because I can't afford to live anywhere else right now, this is the place to be. There is nothing quite like sitting outside of the Cenotaph with everyone in town, eating ice cream and people-watching
  • I need to share my guacamole recipe with y'all, because if you like guacamole, you will love mine. I have nothing to say about it's authenticity, but it is simplicity itself, and extraordinarily delicious
  • I figured out tonight that out of the six grandkids on my dad's side of the family, three of us are going to graduate from university in 2012 (if I finish in four). Kinda' awesome!
  • And so, to bed