Saturday, August 01, 2009

This is what happens when I only have my netbook...

The blog suffers. My big laptop has been living in my carrel at Robarts for the last week, and I haven't gone to get it because, well, I'm cheap. It costs me, if I walk the 6.4 km from Union to Robarts and back again, $12.70 round trip from home to the library. If I choose not to walk, it's closer to $17 with subway fare. Insane! So you can blame the state of GTA transit on the lack of blog posts. Not that I couldn't blog on my netbook (I could), but when I just have the netbook around, I'm on the computer much less, and hence am not tempted to spout out whatever whenever like I do when I'm on my big laptop. And now, because I'm really supposed to be writing a paper that was really supposed to be due on Friday, you're getting the lazy version of a blog post. Enjoy!

  • Rob McLennan on Open Letter (the launch I attended a few weeks ago)
  • What makes Katie laugh (and me too)
  • Worst service ever. Never go here
  • Font junkie gets a new fix: Minion and Frutiger. And this is how much of a nerd I am: I'm writing a paper about a poem typeset in Minion in Minion
  • It seems like this is all half the blogs I like ever talk about, but I'm going to have to do an extended post on it anyway
  • I'm so making these tomorrow. And these. Although considering that I'm supposed to be writing, I think I'll have to pick one
  • My friends on their farm with their creatures. So freaking cute. Makes me want to do what they did, which is pull up roots from downtown Toronto, buy a house in rural Nova Scotia, and start a whole new life. Amazing


Mar said...

Wow that video of Behemoth made my stomach drop when I watched it full screen! Thanks for giving me my fill of roller coaster excitement while pregnant. But I don't think I will ever go on that. Too many steep drops! EEK! lol

Melissa said...

I was *terrified* on the way up. I generally don't like rollercoasters that don't have chest harnesses(i.e. Minebuster)--they make me feel like I'm going to fly off into space. But while that first drop means that your vocal cords end up hanging mid-air in front of you, it's actually really fun. Very smooth ride, and you kinda' feel like you're flying (b/c you lift off your seat on drops, so you feel sort of suspended).