Friday, August 07, 2009

Torontoist: How to Buy a House on the Toronto Islands

I've been reading up on the process of applying to get on the list to be eligible to buy property on the Toronto Islands (a convoluted sentence yes, but so is the process) for a few months now, and Torontoist has now (sadly) published an article on just exactly how to go about it. Sadly, because those people who were kinda' interested but too lazy to do the research themselves now have an easy to-do list. Hopefully they'll be too lazy to fill out the applications!

The Islands would be just about the perfect place to live, I think: quiet, community-oriented, surrounded by beautiful water, close to beaches, largely car-free, both in- and outside of the city, and you really have to want to live there (so hopefully your neighbours appreciate it and keep the place up). The downsides are fairly considerable--limited amenities, some hassle with transpo, and the noise from the airport--but they're dealable. According to Torontoist's calculations, even if you get on the list in November (which isn't guaranteed), you're unlikely to be offered a property for another 35 years. Perfect! 35 years to save my pennies.


toronto real estate agent said...

Oh, I absolutely understand how you are feeling. Funny how one single article can ruin everything. Don't worry, though. People who are actually interested in buying property on the Toronto Islands would very likely study materials about it too. And those who are not, will not change rapidly after one article.

Hope it works out for you,