Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another bulleted post

Just because I'm tired. And there are too many meetings right now. I've got meeting-itis. It's worse than when I worked in an office. Anyways, the list:

  • Rhianon and DaemonQ are now the lucky parents of Soren (yes, he's shares a name with Kierkegaard. Awesome, eh?), who is gorgeous, sweet, happy, and all around lovely. I don't know if this is a woman thing (let me know if it's not), but there's nothing quite like a little warm lump of sleepy baby cuddled up on your chest. Heaven! Until your arms get tired, that is. Which is why I love OPKs (Other People's Kids): you can give them back!
  • Tutorials round two is down; Class One is a bit of a dud. Not that they're unintelligent; they just don't seem to care. They probably need more caffeine. Class Two, however, is awesome: they have great ideas, they're super engaged, they're smart, and they care. Let's hope Class One can take some pointers.
  • Les Comps, Part Un (a.k.a. CanLit) has been rescheduled for April. Huzzah! I can breathe once again. I could have gotten it done in time, but I don't want to look like an idiot when I have to half-ass the thing because I didn't have enough time, and I want to study with Katie, who has rescheduled for April too. Let's just hope it's not scheduled for the week of my birthday...
  • Kanye West is a douche. Obama gets my vote for calling him a jackass.
  • Nav@ What's For Snacks has offered to let me write a post about wine. First step: go buy some wine. And cook something that goes with it. Yep, that's going to have to wait for a bit. Perhaps post...
  • Family field trip to Niagara-On-the-Lake on Sunday, apres-yoga. Dontcha love that my family will drive an hour and a half for wine and fudge? I do! I'm all about the Irish Cream.
  • I actually feel semi-hopefuly about SSHRCs this year. Not that I have a chance, but it's nice to fantasize, right? I think I'm going to take a page out of a friend's book and spend the money (if I get it) on something really frivolous first that involves partying and sharing the wealth. Another friend bought a car and drove to the Yukon. We're such scammers.
  • My comps supervisor still thinks I'm crazy. I swear I've written a post about this before, but I can't find it. He has this look which seems to insinuate that you've either said something nuts, or your life is just nuts. On that point, he's kinda right. But that's how I like it!
  • I've decided that I'm anti-pants. I haven't worn pants in probably three months, and it's great! It totally sounds like I've been pulling a Lady Gaga for the last quarter, but sadly, no. She's outta my league (on that note: RIP Patrick Swayze). But still: holla for being girlie! I'm going to try to take a page out of my fun-loving, SSHRC-getting friend and hold out all winter. She makes herself hand-knit legwarmers; I'm not sure I'll go that far, but I did just buy some lovely boots that should do the trick. My bank account hates me.
  • I wish that my friend Carrie had a clone of her fiance. First, he surprise proposes to her in Greece. Then he takes her to Mexico. Then, he surprises her with a puppy for her birthday. And he's funny and makes killer pulled pork sandwiches. My ideal-boyfriend checklist is getting a bit unrealistic here. We're heading over to their place tomorrow night for a meet the puppy potluck. So cute! Saturday night is my aunt & uncle's anniversary party--luckily happy couples don't bug me. Unless they're undergrads macking on campus. Then they bug me. Come on!
And I need to shut up already and go to bed. Shakespeare in the morning, and my first try at the shuttle bus. Hope I'm not late...


Nav said...

Actually, Nav @What's Next for Snacks totally wants you to write posts about wine or food or beer whenever and as often as you like. :) I mean, I know you're tight on time, but I'm now more keen on it being a multi-author blog - and I'm sure you'd be great.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Nav. And I'm sorry for missing the "Next" in the title. I'm a bit sleep deprived and punchy at the moment.