Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Amusement

Two amusing incidents from today:

1) I'm taking my final course at our smaller campus, which for some reason is overrun with senior citizens on Friday mornings. Today, I was standing at the bus stop after class, obviously waiting for the bus. Two shrunken, hunch-backed, four-foot-tall octogenarians walked over to wait with the rest of us, and began talking. What was their subject of conversation?
"This one pair was almost two-thousand dollars, you know?"
"Pair of what?"
"Boots! They come all the way up your thigh. Up here." She gestures to about the spot where the hem of a mini-skirt would hit.
"It a They're fashionable."
"All the way up there?"
Octogenarians discussing hooker boots. Awesome. Even funnier because I knew exactly why they were discussing them, which was this article from the Star, which I was picturing them reading yesterday morning.

2) I'm walking toward the library after class; I'm downtown by this point. I hear a buzzy motor noise, and look over to see what it is. What is it? A middle-aged man, not exactly svelte, wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and socks with his shoes, tattooed legs, beer belly proudly out front, riding a purple dirt bike down St. George St. with the wind blowing through his hair. Not a regal purple--shocking, bright, Barbie and My Little Pony purple. Also awesome.

And so, my friends, goodnight.