Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How to Hibernate a Brain?

I got a text message from my friend Sindy today, who just started her M.Ed., asking me for concentration tips. I'm the wrong person to ask, sweetie.

Two nights now, gonna be three, I fear, I've been tossing and turning more than a green salad and a grilled cheese sandwich. I cannot make my brain shut up. Normally I'm pretty good at not doing things that are completely counterproductive, but this I can't shake. Yes, I know that academics are stereotypically neurotic, but Zombieland is becoming in the world in which I live.

So, dear readers, any tips on how to hibernate a brain?


Nav said...

So... "copious amounts of alcohol" is an inappropriate answer, then?

Melissa said...

You and my dad think on the same wavelengths. He was home sick yesterday, and I got home to find him schnockered on Bailey's and feeling great. So funny.

The other two suggestions I got were endless episodes of some Rachel Zoe show (can't stand her) and sex (which requires a partner), so I'm still totally outta luck. I'm going to have to start turning to the sensible stuff now, like exercise and meditation. Darn.