Sunday, January 24, 2010

TTC Trip Planner

The TTC is due to launch its trip planner website later on this week, and Spacing seems to have found the pre-launch version online here. I gave it a go with the route I'll take from my new apartment (if I get the one I want, fingers crossed; won't find out until Feb. 1 at the earliest) to school, and it performed perfectly. I've been using the Crazed Monkey TTC map for a long time now, but the TTC trip planner has the benefit of telling you how long a trip will take, along with what routes you'll need. City of Mississauga transit, which I used regularly as a teenager, has something similar called Click'nRide, and I'm excited to see that Toronto is finally doing the same. Now if only the major GTA transit systems could come up with an integrated system for those of us who occasionally, or regularly, travel across city boundaries, we'd really be getting somewhere!


Mariecel said...

Was the prelaunch version only up temporarily? Everytime I try to use it, it does not work =(

Melissa said...

Hrm...they might have taken it offline to do some reworking pre-launch. It hadn't been TTC branded yet or anything, so it was clearly still a pre-launch version. I'll post info when it's properly launched.