Monday, November 27, 2006

5 things

5 things that I'm happy about today:

1. Getting fresh mussels on sale for 98 cents a pound and eating them for dinner with lots of white wine and garlic.

2. Being half finished my TEI coding project (due on Friday.)

3. Knowing that classes are finished a week from today.

4. Downloading a David Gray CD from DC++ that I didn't have.

5. Getting movie theatre gift-certificates in the mail today. Yea for free movies & popocorn. Now what should we see?

I apologize for the short and sporadic posts lately. I've been living in the library (we spent 18 hours there this weekend), and it's not going to change until at least the 11th of December, so bear with me until then. Good luck to all of you who are suffering through major papers & exams--see you on the other side!


Rhianydd said...

Hey Mel,

My hat is off to you for being so fresh and positive at this sucky time of year!! Can we have a mussel night in January? I'll buy the ingredients if you show me how to cook them properly...