Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fantasy Christmas List

My Christmas wishes are generally quite modest. Some new socks, a sweater or two, and a few books, and I'm happy. It makes life a tad difficult for anyone who wants to buy me a gift, because I'm never good at volunteering ideas. However, if I have a fairy godmother, or one of those mysterious millionaire uncles (you know, the ones who seem to pop up in books every so often) out there who are looking for ideas, here is my fantasy Christmas list:

1) Smythson of Bond St. Premier day planner- emerald green leather cover, Smythson's classic pale blue paper, and gilt edging. You all know how much I obsess over day planners. This puppy is the holy grail. You know that scene in Bridget Jones' Diary when she goes running out in the street in her leopard knickers to find Darcy? The one where she tries to explain the comment in her diary that she hates him & that he has a pickle up his a** by arguing that "everyone knows that diaries are fully of crap"? The one where he's not running away, but buying her a new diary? Smythson is where he's getting it from. Sigh, oh how I love Colin Firth. However, the planner is not something that my own personal Mr. Darcy is going to get me for Christmas, as it's 90 quid and must be shipped from England.

2) Penguin Classics Complete Library- 1,082 great works of literature by one of my favourite publishers of the classics (unfortunately, that means that I already have a number of these, so there would be some duplicates.) It weighs about 750 lbs, and contains works from Edwin A. Abbott to Emile Zola, totally nearly 500, 000 pages. All for the price of
$7, 989.50 (US) with free shipping.

3) Montblanc "Virginia Woolf" fountain pen- the resin body is carved in waves to reflect the publication of one of Woolf's most famous novels, The Waves, in 1931. With a gold nib and clip with a ruby accent, this is one special pen. Imagine what you could write with it! Although Montblanc hasn't listed prices on their website, it's currently running for about $500.00 US on Ebay. If I was choosing on the basis of looks, I'd have to go for the Dickens pen, but I've got a soft spot for Woolf right now.

So there you have it: my fantasy Christmas list. No crazy cars, no 60 gig Ipod (although I certainly wouldn't say no to one of those), no big ol' diamonds. I know that none of the above will be under the tree for me on Christmas morning, but maybe I'll get some Chapters gift certificates and add to my already substantial Penguin collection. I don't have room for 750 lbs of books here anyway!


Purple Mangos said...

I don't know. Books are always good, but if I had $8,000, I'd probably buy a carbon fibre violin instead.