Monday, December 18, 2006

Ontario Christmas Update

So, back in the Sauga for Christmas. Man, it's weird. This visit will be the longest that I've ever been in my parents new house. They moved in June, but I was working away all summer, so I've only been here for a few days at a time. It feels so huge compared to our apartment! But it's nice to see my family...& eat meat! We had steak on Saturday night, which is a luxury that the hubby and I can't afford. I'm gonna be spoiled by the time I go home. :)

I got in on Friday evening, and spent the night chatting with my parents and getting a tour of all of the improvements that they've made to the house since they've been here. My parents are very handy people, and they've done all sorts of stuff themselves- tumbled marble backsplash in the kitchen, all new appliances, paint throughout the main floor, new furniture, and Christmas decorations galore. If I wasn't going to be a prof, I'd want to be an interior designer, so all of this is very exciting. It looks great.

Saturday and Sunday were spent shopping for Christmas presents and wrapping galore. I'm think that I'm done shopping, which is fabulous. The wonder of the Internet. I did almost no shopping in actual stores this year, and it was so great! No lineups, no stress, and much less time. I'm definitely going to do this next year too. However, there is no way to avoid the annual shopping marathon with my dad for my mom's present. The man is incapable, or unwilling, to shop on his own, so every year my sister & I take one day and just go nuts with him. It's actually quite fun, and good bonding. My mom is getting some good stuff, let me tell ya! (But I won't, in case she's reading!)

Today was a lazy day of baking, wrapping, jewelry making and chilling. I've made some awesome presents this year- earrings, bracelets & necklaces. I love making homemade presents, and jewelry is ideal. So fun! Going to Michael's is many beads and fittings to choose from! I'm a total earring junkie, though...yesterday, I got up in the morning and felt like wearing earrings to go with my outfit, so I made myself a new pair. How sweet is that?

Tomorrow I'm off to Waterloo with the hubby, where he's got a job interview. I haven't been there in years, not since my ex-boyfriend went to school there, so it will be nice to go back. Oh, Mel's Diner, how I missed you. Mmmm...pancakes & a jukebox. How can you go wrong?

It's so nice just to be relaxing & sleeping in and enjoying the holidays. We worked hard, so I feel like we deserve it. I hope you're relaxed too, although for all you teachers, enjoy the last four days. :) It's almost Christmas!