Saturday, January 20, 2007

Random musings around our house (a.k.a. my 50th post)

Things that the hubby and I have been wondering about the past few days:

  • When people have sex in movies are they naked? Is it different in television shows? Is it different if the people are actually a couple?
  • Do people who work together in Hollywood always eventually get together? Is there anyone who hasn't had an on-set relationship? This one was brought on by watching a number of movies/TV shows this week that have real-life couples in them, i.e. Cameron & Chase on House, Brangelina in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams in Brokeback Mountain, Ryan Phillipe & Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions.
  • How do zinc lozenges work to shorten colds? (Apparently the zinc creates a little force field around your cells that make them impervious to viruses.)
  • Why does ginger-ale help stomach aches? (I dunno, but it tastes good.)
  • Why does Todd hate Mr. & Mrs. Smith? We'll have to ask him tomorrow.
  • Why are the bad guys in movies always such bad shots? Is that why they're called "bad" guys?
  • If you get shot through a bullet-proof vest, does it still hurt? I say yes.
  • What's the difference between natural and synthetic diamonds?
  • What foods are aphrodisiacs? Apparently chicken is, which means that basically everyone should always be horny, considering how much chicken everyone seems to eat. Also, do animals that are themselves aphrodisiacs have a lot of sex? Get it on, you oysters, you.
  • How did Nigella Lawson become a famous cook, considering the fact that she's not a trained chef?
  • What's the tune to the William Tell overture?
  • Why can the hubby whistle tunes perfectly fine, but can't sing one recognizably to save his life? Is there such thing as selective tone deafness?
  • Where is there a Bulk Barn in Halifax?
  • Why are homeless people in Halifax so nice, but homeless people in Toronto are generally grumpy?
  • Why is British Cadbury's chocolate so much better than North American Cadbury's? Why do we get shafted?
  • Why did Cadbury's feel the need to make a version of Mini Eggs with Pop Rocks inside? This one really concerns me.
  • Why can I never find a hairpin when I need one, but when the hubby looks, he finds about 80 and claims that they're taking over the house?
This is what we do all day, mostly on weekends. We wonder random things, and then we go about our business, and then we sit down for an hour and Wikipedia/Google everything that we were wondering and share answers (if it's a Wikipediable question. If not, we just muse some more.) It's quite an amusing pasttime, and I'd like to think that one day, we'll be really good at trivia and win a lot of money on Jeopardy or something. Until then, we'll just keep musing, and wait for Alex Trebek to call.


Purple Mangos said...

1) It depends on the comfort of the actor and the amount of skin that has to show in the shot. Some people are. Others wear skin-coloured swimsuits, or use body doubles. I doubt it's different if they're actually a couple, given all of the other people on set during the shot.
2) No.
3) They don't shorten colds, they just treat symptoms. Your immune system is the only thing that can fight viruses.
4) It doesn't, except that it might dilute your stomach contents. (Water or herbal tea will do the same thing.)
5) Can't help there.
6) Because if they were good shots, the movie would be over.
7) Yes. Bulletproof vests spread the impact out, but you still get severe bruises and possible broken bones.
8) Natural ones are unique, synthetic ones are mass-produced. Besides, nothing improves on nature.
9) Depends on who you are. Some foods supply things that you need but don't get enough of in your diet (like zinc.) Most commonly accepted aphrodisiacs are just folklore, usually based on the shape of the thing (like oysters). And no, although some things are considered to be aphrodisiacs because the animal they're from is naturally agressive (like tigers).
10) Can't help there.
11) The famous part goes: Dadadum, dadadum, dadadumdumdum.
12) No, you can't be selectively tone deaf. You can have little to no control over your vocal chords, though. (You whistle by shaping your breath with your mouth, so your vocal chords are not in use.) Also, you control your voice based on what you hear inside your head as well as the sound that travels to your ear. The blend of the two sounds will be different if you are whistling than if you are singing, which may explain some of the difference in control.
13) Can't help there.
14) There are grumpy and nice homeless people everywhere.
15) Because American's tend to prefer more sugar in their chocolate (hence the term "candy bar" instead of "chocolate bar".) Canadian tastes are closer to European tastes, so Canadian's don't like American chocolate.
16) Because market research told them it would be profitable to do. Someone with a commerce degree should know that one. :P
17) Murphy's Law.

So there you go. That's all except 5, 10 and 13, which I either don't know because I don't know the people or the places and therefore don't really care. :) Got any more?

Anonymous said...

OOO Oyster sex.... lmao!!! thanks for a laugh mel! xoxo mar