Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Careers I could have if I wasn't going to be a prof...

If I were to make up a fictional resume based on things that I do frequently but aren't actually my job, here are some of the descriptions it might contain:

  • men's hairdresser (gave the hubby a kickass haircut last night. Yes, we are that frugal!)
  • interior designer (me + no money = shabby chic apartment)
  • chef (killer chili-garlic noodles for dinner tonight)
  • movie critic (see many of the posts on this blog)
  • literary editor
  • life coach
  • nurse (got a boo boo?)
  • esthetician (I give a damn good manicure!)
  • housekeeper (well, currently apartment keeper, but you know what I mean.)
  • personal shopper (especially come Christmas when my dad can't do anything alone)
  • stylist (look out, Rachel Zoe!)
  • seamstress (things I have sewn this week: three buttons, a shower curtain hem, pants hem. When I have money to buy a sewing machine, I'm going to make my own clothes.)
  • house painter
  • plumber (I can solder pipe and install faucets and showers.)
  • electrician (I love that I can wire simple things myself. Want a custom lamp?)

I'm sure that there are more, and I'm sure that when I become a mother, the list will lengthen exponentially. It's always nice to know that you've got options when it comes to careers if you get bored of the one that you're doing!


Purple Mangos said...

My problem is that any time I find something I'm good at doing other than my planned career, I end up doing it for money anyway. So far I have managed to turn two hobbies and a volunteer thing into two jobs and a paid volunteer job. Must be the commerce grad in me. Either that or the starving student. :)

Anonymous said...

Ode to a Career

A career is a hard thing to find -
But there's one thing to keep in mind,
As far as you know
there isn't a show
for people with two careers combined.

I should start a random poetry blog I can rant on. lol - Mar