Thursday, January 25, 2007

Goal for the week

Our goal for the week is only to eat Asian food for dinner...all home-made. We're starting on Sunday with sushi, so if anyone has any recipes, tips or tricks, feel free to share. Here are some other ideas we're entertaining:

  • Yakitori, or some kind of satay, maybe with peanut sauce
  • Oyako don, which is a chicken & egg rice bowl (photo above)...oyako means "mother & child"- get it?
  • Soba (maybe cold with lots of green onion...called zaru soba, and it's really a summer food, but it's my favourite, so I don't really care)
  • Udon (mmm...with lots of mushrooms and wakame)
  • salad rolls
  • Pad Thai
  • Tempura, if I'm feeling REALLY adventurous (You can't beat tempura bananas. To die for.)
  • Onigiri (Japanese rice balls...basically just a ball of sticky rice wrapped in nori. One of my favourite snacks in Japan; great for picnics.)
  • Toasted peanut butter, banana & Clodhopper sandwiches- yes, it sounds weird. My host-mom in Fukushima, Keiko, invented it, and it's awesome!
One thing that I've never been able to find is those hot-springs eggs. They're sort of soft boiled eggs (supposedly boiled in a hot spring), but they are sold unrefrigerated...for some reason they don't need to be kept cold. I'll have to ask my Japanese student, Eiji, if he's seen them here. So good! But anyway, that's our excitement for the week, so wish us luck! I'm looking forward to it...when else but January do you have time to do cooking experiments like this?


Anonymous said...

If you feel you have nothing to do,
Please call me and I will tell you,
I have papers to mark and report cards to write,
You do know what I'm talking about, right?

lol I have too much to do teh next two weeks. Enjoy some of that food while I sit and work and do marking and then report cards!!!