Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why have I never done this before???

This weekend has been fabulously full of culinary goodness. For dinner on Friday night, I made the most gorgeous butter chicken using this seasoning paste that I bought at Sobey's (so don't give me too much credit), with our favourite naan from Superstore. Oh holy cow, do I love Indian food. To die for! This morning, I made amazing raisin scones for breakfast (here's the recipe), and they also turned out really well. Dinner tonight was maybe the pinnacle of food heaven- homemade sushi. Hence the question, why have I never done this before?

I think that the idea of making sushi always kind of intimidated me. Going out for Japanese food, all of the ceremony and presentation makes the food seem really complicated, and I was happy to leave it up to the pros. However, because the hubby and I have no money for going out to restaurants (classic student complaint), we had to get creative, or give up one of our favourite foods. Hence the sushi making.

I found a recipe for sushi rolls on the Food Network website, and it turned out perfectly. The rice was cooked just right, there wasn't too much vinegar in it, and their instructions for rolling were simple and effective. Shopping for the ingredients was easy too. We got the sushi rice, seasoned rice vinegar, nori, soy sauce, wasabi, bamboo mat and fillings at the local Sobey's. The initial outlay in ingredients wasn't too pricey, and we have lots of everything left over to make more. We aren't sure as of yet where to get sushi grade fish in Halifax (maybe Pete's?), so we used carrot, avocado, and surimi. All in all, yummy, yummy, yummy. And an awesome meal with a bowl of miso soup and some edamame.

So, no longer intimidated by making sushi. Our next goal is to find some good sushi grade fish and make sashimi sushi, or maybe maki rolls with some ikura (salmon eggs.) I'm so excited! I miss Japanese food terribly from when I lived there, so it's nice to have the tastes of a place that really was my home easily available whenever I miss it.


Purple Mangos said...

Do raisin scones count as Asian food?