Friday, February 16, 2007


Things I'd like to do (and will make an effort to do):

  • Read...but for fun.
  • Watch a bunch of DVDs that I've wanted to see lately (Babel, Letters from Iwo Jima, Bon Cop/Bad Cop, Interview with a Vampire, The Black Dahlia, An Inconvenient Truth, Pan's Labyrinth, Flags of Our Fathers)
  • Do some research for my thesis...or rather, read the stuff that I've already collected but haven't gotten around to yet.
  • Explore a part of Halifax that I haven't been to yet...perhaps the North End.
  • Sleep as much as possible.
  • Make more sushi...we bought sushi grade salmon, so that will be tomorrow.
  • Go for a long walk through Point Pleasant Walk.
  • Go skating at the arena on campus.
  • See Music and Lyrics. When it comes to romantic comedies, you can't get any better than either Hugh Grant or Drew Barrymore, and I want to see them both together.
  • Whatever random activities the hubby can come up with...he hasn't been very creative yet, but when he gets bored, I know he'll be up to the challenge.
So, enjoy your rest, and for all of you teachers, no complaining. You'll get March Break soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Pan's Labyrinth is awesome, you'll love it :)


Purple Mangos said...

Sounds like fun. All I'm going to be doing is reading (not for fun) and working. Well, to be fair, I have to read Remains of the Day for a class and that is fun, but I read half of it already in under an hour (on the bus), so the fun won't last very long.

Melissa said...

Oh, I love Remains of the Day. The movie is excellent as well; I mean, how can you go wrong with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson? What always amazes me is that a Japanese man was able to so completely catch the British-ness of it. But the sense of formality and restraint is the same, so it does make sense.