Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Morning Music Moment: k.d. lang- Hallelujah

While I enjoy riffing on the blog and just writing about whatever happens to be going on at the moment, I like the idea of having a certain something that I post consistently every week. I've decided that they day will be Sunday, and the something will be a video of a song that I love. I have lots of loves when it comes to music (I've got almost 10 gigs of it on my computer), so I don't think I'll be running out of material anytime soon. For my first post, here is one of my favourite songs by probably my all-time favourite singer, k.d. lang. Now I can't say that I love all of k.d.'s songs, but for me, her voice is unparallelled, and she has two albums that I adore: Hymns of the 49th Parallel, in which she covers classic Canadian tunes, and A Wonderful World, which is her collaboration with Tony Bennett, another of my favourite people. Of all of the songs on Hymns, the one that always gets me is "Hallelujah." For all of you who have seen Shrek, you've heard another version of it on the soundtrack, but this one gives me chills. Something that you get from watching the video, rather than just listening to the song, is the juxtaposition of k.d.'s looks with her voice. She has short hair and wears men's clothes, but her voice is pure woman. If I could be a singer, I'd want to be k.d. So here you have it: