Monday, February 12, 2007

I might just be a genius...or not

So, remember how I warned you that up until the next Harry Potter book is published, I will spend hours debating what potentially might/could/will happen at the end of the 7th book? It starts here. I just had a glorious burst of thought that might actually turn out to be something...or not. I'm either totally right, or totally crazy. And for all of you who could care less about Harry Potter, feel free to ignore this and browse the archives or something. I'll post something fun for you later.

What if....what if: When Voldemort went to kill Harry, he actually turned him into a Horcrux? It makes magical sense, since Horcruxes are created when you kill someone, and Voldemort had just killed Harry's mother. It would explain why Harry has special access to Voldemort's mind (because a piece of Voldemort's soul is in him), it would explain why the Sorting Hat wanted to put him into Slytherin House, and why he can speak Parseltongue. Dumbledore has already opened the door to animals being Horcruxes with suggesting that Nagini might be one, so if a snake can be a Horcrux, why not a person? It would also explain the prophecy. Rowling isn't one for not giving things a good thorough explanation, and just leaving it at "neither can live while the other survives" isn't quite good enough. However, if Harry is a Horcrux, it all makes sense. Voldemort can't be killed until all of his Horcruxes have been destroyed, and we all know that Harry is out to destroy all of them. If Harry lives, he lives on as a part of Voldemort, which he would never go for. Therefore, the prophecy seems to suggest that Harry is going to kill himself (or have someone kill him...Ginny? Wouldn't that be fantastically heart-wrenching?) in order to destroy the final Horcrux and make Voldemort mortal and then either destroy him at the exact moment of his own death, or again, have someone else do it (Snape? Sirius, who some people think isn't really dead? Dumbledore on the same premise?) Conspiracy theories are so fun! (I'd also like to suggest that we are going to find out that Harry descends from the line of Gryffindor in some way, which is why Voldemort chose him over Neville- Voldemort wanted one of his Horcruxes to be something of Gryffindor's, and as he was never going to get the sword, Harry had to do).

Now of course, I could be totally, entirely, utterly, off my rocker wrong here, but it's fun to speculate. Now you get to look forward to me gloating on July 21st when I'm right. Or not.

Oh, and in case you're wondering if I'm the only crazy person doing this, I'm not. The British newspaper The Sun wrote a story last July about people taking bets on who will kill Harry Potter. At least I'm not risking money on it! And for anyone who wants to mock my choice of reading material, don't forget my eternal Get Out of Jail Free card: I am an elementary school teacher. I HAVE to read it.


Anonymous said...

"And for anyone who wants to mock my choice of reading material, don't forget my eternal Get Out of Jail Free card: I am an elementary school teacher. I HAVE to read it."

Reason # 1 why I became a Secondary teacher.

Reason # 2 - tying someone elses kids shoes 4 x a day x 30 snot nosed kids sneezing on me.

Reason # 3 ... Hey wait, I'm teaching grade 7/8...

Mainly I didnt read it for the same reason I havent read LOTR - Its a fad and I dont really have an urge to join the crazies, but I like to watch.


Melissa said...

Hey, but they're cute! lol
I read LOTR ever before the movies came out; really boring in parts, but really cool in others. Lots of interesting religious symbolism. But I get what you mean about the crazies. lol

Bubbles said...

LOTR is not a craze, it was published in 1954 and written mostly in the late 30s, early 40s.

It's considered by many to be a classic.

There are a lot of crazies about LOTR, but that doesn't make it a fad/craze.

HP might be a fad, but I enjoy the books anyway. Esp since they're encouraging children to try other similar books and read more. Hooray for children's fantasy.