Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Less stressed update

  • Having an ultra-perfectionist thesis supervisor can sometimes be a good thing. Through our email tag collaborative process, my thesis is now the proud possessor of an awesome title. Ready for it?
Revealing Reciprocity: Anne Wilkinson, Northrop Frye, and Mythopoetics in Canada.

I love it! I will be very proud to see that on the title page of my thesis come August. And the proposal is done and being signed as we speak, so that is out of my hair. Now I just have to write the thing...
  • I finished reading My Antonia. It was only 150 pages and I am a freakishly proficient speed reader. What can I say? My parents didn't believe in video games or television, so I spent A LOT of time reading, and it pays off now.
  • I have until 2:30 to mark my kids' papers, which is totally doable. And they really are entertaining, even if they don't make a lot of sense. And the blood spattered font that many of them chose (they're writing about a play called Blood Relations) is amusing.
  • It's only 3 days until Reading Week! Yea! Not that we have money to go anywhere or do anything, but I'm happy to hang out here and play Scrabble, go skating, and make sushi. Oh, and sleep.


Purple Mangos said...

Who reads faster, you or JPMC? Are you a natural speedreader or did you learn?

Melissa said...

I'm a much faster reader than JPMC. I haven't timed myself, but as an example, I read that novel last night (it's about 150 pages) in just over an hour. It's completely natural; I didn't have to take a course or anything. Just comes from loving to read, wanting to read as much as I could, and learning to read really fast so that I could read more. One of my favourite pictures of myself as a child is me sitting in an armchair reading with a stack of books next to it taller than I was!