Monday, February 26, 2007

Today's Special: Facial hair, Facebook, and fun TV

I had a bit of a trauma occur last night. The hubby is flying to T.O. for three interviews next week, and after extensive online research, he decided that he should give the clean-shaven look a go for the week. (Two comments here: a) yea for the hubby getting three interviews, and b) can you believe that people actually debate and research how successful you'll be if you've got a beard? It's extensive!) But anyway, he shaved off his beard, and I have to say, it was a shock. He only grew it in September, but I've really gotten used to it, and until a couple of hours ago, it was like living with a stranger! How odd. Reminds me of being about seven and my dad doing the same. (The collective reaction from the female population of his household was such that he has never dared such an atrocity again. My dad without his beard/goatee is just not my dad.) I don't know how I feel about the facial hair debate. Some women absolutely HATE it, others are are non-committal, and some love it. I think I'm on the loving it side. Yes, you can go all Electra complex on me and say that it's because of my dad (come on, you know that you were thinking it), but I think it can make people look more mature, and as long as it's well groomed, I'm all for it. But just to qualify, I am not for a) handlebar moustaches b) Hitler moustaches c) moustaches in general d) chinstrap beards e) weird sideburns f) neck beard g) mutton chops...okay, I can see how easily this could go wrong. But I stand by my opinion. And my man, whichever way he decides to go.

As for the Facebook part of this post, I have to say that I'm a convert. I'm loving being able to reconnect with people all over the place. My geographical spread has grown to: Thunder Bay, Toronto, Kingston, Ohio, Korea, England, Australia, and Mexico. Pretty cool! The one thing that astounds me is how many people I know who are getting married relatively soon. Makes me feel old. Old and in school for way too long. But that's another story.

And, last but not least, fun TV. Am now addicted to Weeds. No, not weed, Weeds. Love Mary Louise Parker (can't help but love a girl who goes on national television after her skanky boyfriend has dumped her while seven months pregnant and thanks her baby for making her boobs look great), love Elizabeth Perkins, and the writing and characters are great. It's like Desperate Housewives without Terri Hatcher to annoy me! I'm also about to embark on re-watching as much of The West Wing as I can stand (beyond Season 4, it gets a bit sketchy), which I haven't done since crammed into my friend Dave's TINY apartment in Japan. I'm much looking forward to the pilot and the introduction of POTUS. For those of you who haven't seen it, each character gets a page, email, or phone call saying "POTUS has clipped a wing; come back to the nest" or something equally Secret Service. Everyone around them keeps wondering "who the heck is POTUS", and until all of the staff get into the office, you don't quite realize either, until someone fills you in on the fact that it stands for President of the United States, and he's crashed his bike into a tree and broken his ankle. Cute opener. Rob Lowe is now a bit of a joke, but the rest of the cast rocks.
I'm off to read, so I hope that you enjoyed your weekend/ Reading Week/ Manic Monday, and I promise to be better at posting this week than I was last. Ciao!