Thursday, March 01, 2007

A more eventful than expected week

Considering that I didn't expect that this week was going to be anything too special (it was February. Definitely not the highlight of my year), it actually turned out to be kinda cool. Here are the highlights:

  • Eiji gave me a copy of a coffee-table book that he edited about sand erosion in this one area of Japan, and then explained the whole things to me (it's all written in Japanese, obviously, but it's mostly pictures.) It was fascinating! I learned all sorts of things about erosion, breakwater engineering, Japanese culture, fishing, etc. Alas, no Eiji today, because he's in Moncton attending a teacher training conference to learn about what ocean related stuff in in the Maritime curriculum. Can you believe that Japanese students don't officially learn ANYTHING about the ocean in school? It's not in the curriculum at all (Japan has a national curriculum.) The country is an island, for goodness sakes! But anyway, Eiji's job when he gets back to Tokyo in a couple of weeks is to lobby the government to add marine education to the curriculum.
  • A prospective Master's student who is currently at Bishop's came to visit Dal on Tuesday, so I filled her in on the Dal experience and the hubby gave her a tour of campus (it worked out quite well that I'm engaged to a tour guide!) Super nice girl, I was totally happy to talk to her about Dal, and in exchange, our program secretary gave me free theatre tickets.
  • Using those tickets, the hubby and I went to see Arthur Miller's The Price last night at the Neptune. I quite enjoyed it. The story is about a man who hasn't spoken to his brother in 16 years who is trying to sell all of their father's old furniture before they tear down their old house. At the beginning, you think that Vic has a reason to resent his brother for going off to medical school while he quit to take care of the father, but you find out that that's not quite the case. There are only four actors and one set (Vic, his brother Walter, his wife Esther, and the furniture appraiser Mr. Solomon, and it all takes place in the attic of the house), which is probably the reason that the hubby was kind of bored, but I can handle Miller. Depressing, yes, but he makes you think.
  • The hubby's mom emailed today to get us to make dinner reservations for the night after his convocation, which means that we get to take everyone to our favourite restaurant, Rocco's. Something to look forward to! Can't wait to see what everyone thinks of Stephen and the Caesar salad. It looks like eight people are coming out for the hubby's grad (his parents, two aunts, a cousin, his brother and his wife, and the baby). I'm so excited! I won't have seen everyone since Christmas.
  • The hubby found out yesterday that he now has five interviews in T.O. next week. Sweet!
  • I found out yesterday that my dad is coming to Halifax on a business trip the last week of this month, so I'll get to hang out with him. Again, someone who I haven't seen since Christmas. And my dad is not exactly the best about calling and emailing, so it'll be nice to sit down and have some real conversations with him. We always talk about really interesting things. Some of my favourite memories are sitting in the car chatting with my dad. Or playing really loud 70s rock music (often from the soundtrack to A Knight's Tale) and driving really fast. My dad rocks. I guess I kind of have to think that, because I'm like a younger, female clone of him (in appearance, at least, and much in temperament too.) We looked identical as babies, which is kind of funny. I just wish that he hadn't given me his nose!
  • It's almost Friday!
Now I'm off to find a really obscure text to talk about in my Politics of Early Modern Women's Writing class, and then help my King's student get started on an essay about the Communist Manifesto. Have a good afternoon!